In my 20’s I spent ages in record shops listening, head nodding and of course ‘researching’ tunes of a certain calibre. These days my headphones are more likely to be tuned in to a podcast. My most recent podcast discovery was through a recommendation of a client who excitedly shared the news of her wellbeing enlightenment courtesy of Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s book, The Four Pillars of Health. Her enthusiasm reminded me of biblical believers spreading the gospel and in this instance she managed to convert her entire hospital department. Impressed with her new found inspiration I decided to look up Dr Chattergee and I came across his new podcast show of 4 episodes as I write. I’ve since listened to all the episodes from this passionate GP / journalist also famous for his television show Dr in the House, however the episode that resonated with me the most was his conversation with fellow doctor, professor Tim Spector, author of ‘The Diet Myth’ – an insightful read that I’ll revisit for sure.

Listening to two medical doctors talk of gut health and the importance of an holistic approach to health vs the time constraint generated, pill soother was quite reassuring. Obviously not all ills can be solved with healthy eating and a good nights sleep yet there is evidence to support the mantra of Food as Medicine. That’s certainly my perspective but judge for yourself via the links if you’ve time.

I’ve also included a link to the podcast show below. I enjoyed all the episodes and thoroughly recommend them.  For me, my standout messages from the episode with Dr Spector include his emphasis on increasing the amount of varied fibre sources (and that doesn’t mean all-bran) plus increasing the variety of non processed foods. Following on from this was Dr Chattergee’s family tip of choosing at least 5 different colours of food (fruit and vegetables) per day. Apparently much more effective compared to the  5-a-day of any fruit or vegetable source message, plus it turned out to be a fun exercise for the kids to input their preferences on a couple of large sheets of paper. The result was a colorfully informed food shop and a foundation of healthy staples to improve upon.

Although I’m still to pick up The Four Pillars of Health my awareness of the simple concept is now a feature of my morning journal as a mindful, daily reminder.


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