The Business Show 2017 at Olympia is a great free event with exhibitors and presenters helping the start-up through to the established business. Inspiring and convincing talks along with various stands from photocopier salesman to those sharing the secret 7-step-formula to building pyramids made of gold…

Anyway, as a newly evolved joint wellbeing business with my partner Claire, I was fortunate enough to arrive midway through the  second day of the event held at Olympia exhibition centre in west London. My first stop was to attend a Google Digital workshop finely presented by Patrick Cutliffe. As expected, it proved to be a wake up call regarding navigation of the modern marketing landscape. Invaluable.

More highlights included pearls of business wisdom from former ‘Dragon’s Den’ TV star Rachel Elnaugh who shared a snapshot of her business rollercoaster ride, her TV stardom plus observations and anecdotes of POTUS Donald Trump from way back in the 90s which she used when researching her cathartic book of Business nightmares. An honour to hear her useful advice applicable for the sole trader / fledgling business and the multimillion pound market-stall trader too

The day was also an opportunity to catch up with an early Everyday Fitness and Wellbeing Podcast guest, Brad Burton. Introducing himself on stage as the Uk’s No.1 Motivational Speaker, the multiple author with tiles such as ‘Get off your arse’ and ‘Now What’ shared his no nonsense, unrepentant work/life call to action.  I was able to catch a snippet of which I’ve included below.

What does a business show and fast-talking Mancunian have to do with wellbeing?

Well, this was the second time that I have watched Brad deliver a keynote talk and on this occasion I detected less emphasis on being the business renegade and a more heartfelt plea for the audience to recognise or focus on personal motivators of family and health. The phrase work/life balance springs to mind although I’m aware it has many interpretations. However, Brad shared the same theme during our conversation on the Podcast I mentioned earlier. I’ve included the link below for you to have a listen as I still consider that regardless of all the bluster, drum & bass intro and packed audience, there remains a poignant message that transcends the wellbeing of a few business folk.

‘Business Nightmares: When Entrepreneurs Hit Crisis Point’ | Rachel Elnaugh @RachelElnaugh

‘Get Off Your Arse ?’ / ‘Now What’ |Brad Burton @BradBurton

Patrick Cutliffe (Google Digital Presenter) – @MusicChampion