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TGU = Time Saver & Core Love

Today’s #wednesdayworkout involved my old favourite - The Turkish Get Up TGU. I agreed to meet up with Brad, a trainer who had just finished his own exercise workout. Brad has a good foundation of strength and knowledge of weights but has not used Kettlebells...

Who said your exercise routine must be an hour?

Who told you that your exercise routine must be an hour? Could it have been the first time you went to a gym and had an exercise program? Firstly, there's nothing wrong with physical activity for that length of time or even longer. From personal experience the feeling...

The Om Yoga Show ’17 & How to sort an Iffy Back

Alexandra Palace & The Om Yoga Show 2017 – I’m quite a fan of these events which focus on sharing all things Yoga from woollen yoga mats through to raw, cold-pressed, organic, sustainable, environmentally friendly and of course vegan paraphernalia

Yoga for Runners

Over the last few weeks I’ve managed to restart the habit of regular short runs. So after completing my session I followed an intuitive sequence of stretches with all the elements of a Yoga Routine  – minus a yoga mat, philosophy & sanskrit….